Special Program For
Chamber of Commerce & BNI Franchise Owners

Special Program For Qualified Chamber of Commerce & BNI Groups

  • Google My Business Listing Setup (valued @ $249)  $0.00 No Fee
  • Google Review Platform (valued @$97/month) $0.00 Free For 5 Years (renewable @ same No Cost Fee)

    ➨ Total Value of This FREE Program $6069.00 (over 5 year period)

  •  Ability To Enter Into A “Non Dues Revenue” / “Affinity Program” Income Stream
    Potential annual income from each member enrolled in the program is $360 based on a 50/50 revenue share | 100 members sign up, chamber received $36,000 per year in Non-Dues Income!

Members Program

  • 39+% Discount For Chamber & BNI Members on the Online Review Machine – which is needed to help local businesses get found on Google.  | $97  $60/Month
    Members “Plus Bonus”
    … each business using our platform will receive 15 Free Video Reviews, posted to YouTube, to help boost their Google ranking.

Win / Win

  • This is a “Win / Win” Relationship, Where Everyone WINS!
    Call For Details & To Setup An Appointment To Get Onboard.
    (917) 217-7373

    Rick Scherer
    CTI Inc. dba OnlineReviewGenie.com

Authorized Reseller | Online Review Machine

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